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The Expo is all about expert speakers, interesting information, a unique, thought provoking film, Q&A and discussing ideas together!

Come on IN at 5.00 pm, make yourself a cuppa and grab a yummy afternoon tea treat!

Enjoy listening to our Expert Guest Speakers from 5.30 - 6.30 pm.

After our speakers, sit back and relax for Newcastle's FIRST ever premiere of the film "In Utero".

At intermission, help yourself to a plate of home cooked foods for supper and when you sit down, take your Q&A opportunity by taking a seat next to the expert speaker that you want to chat with - our guest experts will be waiting and ready for this mingle and eat session).

After the film please stay for an audience interactive and stimulating film discussion - our guests experts will be available to continue answering any questions and they will be joining in the film discussion too :)

100% of event profits and raised funds are being donated to local Breastfeeding and Birth Support groups (more to be announced on the night).

And to help you, to help US raise money, there are many fun and lavish prizes to be won! 


Welcome to Newcastle's 'How Our Life was Shaped 'Expo! This is an event for anyone curious about their lifes' experiences, their healing journey, humanity, relationship healing, trauma healing, conscious conception, babies in the womb and much, much more !

No matter what draws you into this event, you will be sure to have an eye opening experience and learn something valuable about yourself or your relationships with others! And because it is run by passionate birthies, be prepared to hear a lot about birth too :)

Expo Speakers include:

Jasmin Polley: from Wellness Vision: Jasmin specialises in Digestive Health, Women’s Health, Adrenal and Thyroid Support, Natural Fertility and Functional Medicine. Jasmins 'career began with many years as a natural fertility expert. Come and hear some great health tips for anyone at any age or stage of life. 

Ben Mcllroy: from the The Shift Evolution: Ben is a Trauma Healing Expert. Ben says: "When you reach your ultimate psychological state, you can be free to enjoy life to its fullest". Come and hear some great trauma healing tips.

Rita Barnett: from Newcastle Counselling Service: "Relationships, intimacy and trust are precious". Lots of great tips in this presentation.

Natalie Meade: Creator and Manager of the Hunter Birth Education Centre, Natalie is an Independent Birth Education Specialist. From Natalie: "I will be sharing my personal journey of trauma, addiction, healing and birth :) I will also share how my journey led me to be such a passionate advocate for womens' rights, families choices and for midwifery led care".


As it is a fairly long event (speakers + film) it is preferable that babies/toddlers/children may prefer time at home with a carer.

But we do not want anyone with children to miss out!! We will welcome babes in arms and older children, we simply request that parents move quickly to the foyer to allow other guests to clearly hear speakers.


Park in Charlestown Square carpark and bring your ticket to the event and will be validated for free parking (validating ticket machine in the lobby of the event)

(Park at the end of the Charlestown Square where the ten pin bowling is)/Dudly end.

Please note: The emphasis of the event is on information, support and education - not product sales.

Newcastle "How our life was shaped" Expo

Saturday 11 November 2017